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Mirasys Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management Software (VMS) for camera surveillance applications. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Mirasys has sales offices and resellers on all continents. With a continuous chain of Industry Firsts since 1997, Mirasys is probably the most innovative company on the camera surveillance market.

Mirasys are currently ranked at number 4 in the EMEA region for Open Platform Video Management Systems according to the latest IMS research.

Why Mirasys:

  • Extremely easy to use CCTV system
  • Cost Effective regardless of the size of your install
  • Scales from systems as small as 1 camera to hundreds of thousands of cameras in increments of 1 camera at a time. You only pay for what you need
  • It’s a Windows interface with a “drag and drop” way of viewing cameras. If you navigated your browser as far as this webpage you are already able to use Mirasys. Most users of the system are comfortable with the interface after 3 minutes of instruction. Even users with no CCTV experience.
  • iPhone, iPad, Android viewers included free of charge. The viewers can access both live and recorder footage, move PTZ cameras, email snapshots and turn off relay switches attached to the recorder.
  • Flat simple licensing model that is easy to understand
  • Open platform. Your investment is protected as driver downloads are free for life. The Mirasys system supports over 1000 different IP cameras, plug in analogue capture cards for traditional cameras and most video analytics on the market. Mirasys also provides digital input/output interfaces as well as text channel interfaces to remote systems such as Point of Sale.
  • Mirasys can chain up to 100 recorders together easily into a Master/Slave arrangement. Then from the Master recorder all configurations can be administered centrally. All and any combination of cameras from any slave can be viewed locally or remotely.

Functionality List

  • IP / Analogue Hybrid recorder
  • Multicasting / Multistreaming
  • Edge Storage
  • Remote and 2 way audio
  • Resolution independent
  • Web Gateway for iPad/iPhone/Android/Browser viewing and playback
  • Multi recorder enabled
  • Map feature built in
  • Strong integration capabilities
  • Open Platform and open interface
  • Strong video content analysis support
  • Video wall and Reporting engine
  • Hardware and Software Watchdog
  • Unlimited recording with several recording modes
  • Agile Video Matrix