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Projects don’t always go according to plan! That’s life. Sometimes clients fall out with suppliers or indeed may only wish to double-check a supplier’s recommendation. Multisys have had over 20 years experience installing leading edge systems from the world’s leading suppliers of IP camera systems, servers and software. We are certified by our suppliers and have a successful track record of fixing failed systems or recommending solutions that just work.

Troubleshooting services;

  • Remote support
  • On site support
  • Stress testing or loading systems to breaking point
  • Identification of bottle-necks
  • Cable inspection and measurement of cable capacity
  • Architectural faults
  • Identification of poor configuration
  • Reduction of false alarms
  • Replacement or upgrade of specific targeted components
  • System audit
  • Firmware and driver updates and patch application
  • Licence upgrades and product maintenance agreement renewal
  • Storage expansion
  • Image retrieval
  • Documentation of CC TV policy in compliance with Data Commissioner